DC Motor Driver
DCMD Series

  • Run DC and Voice Coil Motors With PWM And Direction Control Inputs
  • 4 Amp Motor Output
  • +6 VDC to +30 VDC Power Supply
  • 0 C to 70 C Operating Temperature
  • Light: 0.36 Oz (10 gm)
  • PWM Frequency up to 40 KHz
The DCMD series is a high performance, cost effective DC Motor Driver to implement intelligent Motion Control. The driver incorporates surface mount technology to achieve an exceptional power density.
Supply Voltage

+6 VDC to +30 VDC

Phase Current

0 to 4 Amps 

PWM Frequency

0 to 40 kHz

Weight 0.36 oz. (10 gm)
Dimensions 0.8 (20.3 mm) W, 1.3 L, (33.0 mm)
Mounting Pattern Two Places, Diameter 0.078 (2.0 mm)

Pinout - Logic

PIN Default State Description
GND   Ground connection for logic
PWM LOW Pulse width modulation input: a PWM signal on this pin corresponds to a PWM output on the motor outputs
DIR FLOAT Direction input: when DIR is high current will flow from OUTA to OUTB, when it is low current will flow from OUTB to OUTA
RESET HIGH The reset pin, when pulled low, puts the board into a low-power sleep mode and clears any latched fault flags

Pinout - Power

PIN Description
V+ +6 VDC to 30 VDC for power input
GND Ground connection for power supply
OUTA Phase-A motor output pin
OUTB Phase-B motor output pin





H L L H Forward
H H H L Backward
L X L L Brake


Part No. Description Amount
DCMD-01 PWM DC Motor Driver, up to +30 VDC Power Supply, 4 Amps Maximum Current Click to Get a Quote


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