Motorized Linear Vertical Stage

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Key Features

  • Unique inclined plane concept delivers 300 mm of vertically motion in an ultra-low profile design

  • Higher load capacity compared to vertically mounted stages

  • Access to the moving platform from any side

  • Optional Integrated linear encoder provides for highly repeatable and accurate motion



Structure Description

Travel Range


Table Size 400 mm×200 mm
Actuator Type Lead Screw
Travel Guide

Slide Rail

Motor 57BYG
Base Material Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Black Anodized
Load capacity 50 kg
Weight 23 kg

Typical Accuracy Description

Resolution 0.2µ (non Micro-Step)
Speed 8 mm/sec
Repeatability 5 μ
Positional Accuracy 15 μ
Backlash 4 μ

Mechanical Drawing

 Ordering Information

Part No. Description Amount
AT20-300 Motorized Linear Vertical Stage Click to Get a Quote

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