Motorized Dual-axis Linear Positioning Nickel Plated Steel Type Stages, Presision Grade

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  • Standard Motorized XY-axis Positioning Stage
  • XY-axis
  • Guide-Linear ball, Gothic arc-groove formed by dual arc-grooves individually on upper and lower rails of body. Ball moving in single groove is structured by 2 points-contact, and total 4contact points in dual arc-groove to form strong rail construction..
  • Transmission Parts-Ball screw, It transmits through the ball involving in the locknut and screw to reach the accuracy and longer operation lifetime.
  • Material-Steel
  • 2-Phase Stepper motor
Model no Axis Table Size (mm) Travel Stroke (mm) Load Capacity (Kgf)
AY40-F2NR-ND XY-axis 40x40 15 10
AY40-F2NL-ND XY-axis 40x40 15 10
AY60-F2NR-ND XY-axis 60x60 15 12
AY60-F2NL-ND XY-axis 60x60 15 12
AY80-F2NR-ND XY-axis 80x80 15 14
AY80-F2NL-ND XY-axis 80x80 15 14



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